Communication for Sustainable Development


ENERGY and SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT at the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, 30th January 2013, Brussels, Belgium

Major utility companies around the world have diversified their energy production across a wide variety of sources consisting primarily of gas, carbon, and nuclear, but also supplementing renewable sources.
Considering all aims (i.e. mitigating climate change, company image) and constraints (production continuity and costs), is it possible to define an ideal mix of electricity production?

The Growth of European Renewables and the Role of the EU
• Are the European goals for renewables attainable by 2020?
• How should the Renewable Energy market be structured?
• After the collapse of the main European solar manufacturers, how can efficient economic
models be rebuilt?
• How have European and national subsidies affected renewables, and what is the future of those

Projects in Europe
The Challenge of Transparency and Competitiveness
The Foremost Renewable Energy Projects in Europe :
• What are the main renewable energy projects in Europe?
• Solar & PV power plants, wind, offshore wind and small wind projects, bio-energies, hydraulic
and marine energies: what technology or mix of technologies are the favorites for investors?
• Who are these investors?
• Are the European calls for tender attractive for large scale projects?

Solutions for Small Business