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Socially responsible investor brings company to Asheville

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For Peter Krull, making money for his clients isn’t separate from making a difference in the world.
As the head of Krull & Co., he brings his longtime expertise in the financial market to socially responsible investing, which he sees as a perfect fit for Asheville.
A native of Buffalo, N.Y., Krull had been living on a small coastal island near Savannah, Ga., with his wife, Melissa Booth,
a research scientist with the University of Georgia. “But I got tired of the heat, and I missed seeing snow,” Krull said.

“We visited Asheville last year and spent some time downtown with family who live in the area, and by the time the weekend was over, we had made our decision. There was such a wonderful positive vibration, and we wanted to be a part of it.”

Krull, who turns 42 next month, relocated his company, with a $20 million portfolio, to Asheville in August, keeping satellite offices in Atlanta, Savannah and Roanoke, Va.

Dressed casually in blue jeans, Oxford shirt and suede blazer, Krull turned off his iPhone for a few minutes of conversation over coffee at the Green Sage coffeehouse in downtown Asheville. “Every time I come downtown, I can feel my energy rise.”

Krull talked about what brought him to Asheville, why intentions matter more than just return on investment, and how he became a supporter of TEDx Asheville.

Question: What is socially responsible investing, and how did you get involved in it?

Answer: Simply put, socially responsible investing means making investment choices that are consistent with your values. For many of our clients that means building a portfolio comprised of companies that are making a positive difference in the world. For example, these are companies that follow sustainable environmental policies. They practice corporate and political transparency. They support gender equality and promote worker, civil and human rights.

Socially responsible investing also allows us to use our leverage as shareholders to advocate for changes and improvements in corporate governance, helping make good companies better.

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