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Sustainable development prioritized at Asia Future Forum

“The operating principle for an East Asian community needs to be sustainable development.”
The 2011 Asia Future Forum (AFF) wrapped up Wednesday with this proposal of five tasks for the future.
Held at Lotte Hotel in Seoul’s Sogong neighborhood, the two-day gathering saw participants reaching an agreement that East Asian society is facing three major crises,
namely an energy/environment crisis that includes the East Asian earthquake, an economic growth crisis, and a distribution crisis with polarization and other matters.

Five practical tasks were developed as a solution to overcoming the crises: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, joint South Korean-Chinese-Japanese broadcasting regulations, the building of a social economy entered on social enterprises and cooperatives, and the fostering of new and renewable energy industries.

Reporting on the forum’s conclusions, Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute (HERI) Director Lee Won-jae said, “Asian values have the potential to help in resolving crisis. But it was agreed that if East Asia behaves in an unfriendly way, this could threaten peace and prosperity.”

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