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Ahead of aid forum, UN development group calls for concerted action

The United Nations Development Group (UNDG) called today for governments to work together to reduce inequality and support sustainable development ahead of the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in the Republic of Korea next week.
In a statement, the group cited the global economic crisis, the devastating floods in various countries, and the millions of people in need of humanitarian assistance as urgent calls for decisive action in the forum, to be held in the city of Busan.
“At this critical juncture, developing countries and their peoples look to us gathered in Busan to be part of the solution to the challenges they face,” UNDG said in a statement. “They expect continued commitment and contribution from all partners: developed countries, the global South, multilateral organizations, civil society, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector. We cannot fail them.”

Some 2,000 delegates will convene at the forum to review global progress in improving the impact and value for money of development aid. Its outcomes will also inform the discussions on international development cooperation at the UN conference on sustainable development (Rio+20) to be held in June next year in Brazil. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will also attend the event.

UNDG said the parties gathered at Busan must support inclusive growth that reaches the marginalized poor, address inequalities between women and men, increase their help to developing countries to rise out of poverty, use their resources more effectively, and improve their health care and nutrition programmes.

Established in 1997, the UNDG is comprised of 32 UN funds, programmes, agencies, departments and offices that play a role in development. The group’s common objective is to deliver more coherent and effective support to countries seeking to attain internationally agreed development goals.

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