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Ten Jobs That Didn’t Exist Ten Years Ago

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The internet, social networks and global cultural changes have led to a seismic shift in the job market in the last 10 years. New career paths and unusual job titles have surfaced and in-turn have created exciting (and often lucrative) employment opportunities. Here’s 10 gems that didn’t exist 10 years ago:

Social Media/Online-Community Manager

Social media strategists focus on building their employers’ or clients’ brands through the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, whereas Online-Community Managers
specialize in raising user discussion for the marketers they support. In order to succeed, the essentials include great written communication skills, a marketing background and lots of experience with social media tools. Make sure you have a squeaky clean online profile (across all networks) as this is the first thing a recruiter is sure to look at! Social Media Managers can earn in excess of $50k (with very little work experience required. Check out all social media / online community jobs here

Interior Re-designers

Instead of spending a fortune on a new couch, why not pay someone else to find new ways of decorating with items that you already own. Interior redesigners re-vamp your home by either re-purposing the items you already own or moving your items in to different rooms. Amazing!

Elder-Care Services Coordinator

While caring for the elderly is nothing new, an aging population and an increasing interest in “at-home care” has meant a huge growth in the number of jobs in the caring industry (Over 5,000 elderly care jobs in the UK alone!). This job isn’t for everyone and carer jobs are typically poorly paid, but it’s certainly rewarding!

Sustainability Manager

Nowadays nearly all large corporations employ highly qualified individuals to look after their sustainability programs. This can sometimes stop at recycling and waste reduction; however, it could also include supplier sustainability evaluation, carbon footprint issues and leadership in the areas of facilities design. The average salary for a Sustainability Manager in the UK is well above average (£38k) and the US is even higher at $65,000+

Educational Consultants

Educational Consultants work with children and their families to get individuals into the educational environments best-suited to their learning needs. They can work for educational institutions themselves, larger firms and even on their own. As families put more and more emphasis on quality schooling, the rise of the “Edu-consultant” looks set to continue.

Experience Manager

Most Banks, Insurance Companies, Restaurants and virtually any company that has a reason to evaluate and improve the way its customers and prospective customers encounter its people and processes will have at some used or considered using a “User Experience Manager”. So, if you have a passion for customer service, a critical eye and an appetite for improvement and innovation, this could be the job for you.

Online Advertising Manager

Online Ad Managers can earn the big bucks if they’re good at what they do. The internet has created more than 100,000 new jobs in the US alone and online ad and campaign managers are right in the thick of it. They tend to work for websites, selling ad programs and working with clients about where on the site, when and how to run online campaigns. A career in online marketing or advertising can be incredibly lucrative. Oh, and did we mention there are over 50,000 vacancies currently unfilled in the US?

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists use a combination of analysis and experimentation to provide insight and actionable advice to their clients and employer’s. Often seen as a “dark art”, SEO as a profession came about with the rise of Google last decade and is widely regarded as a very specialist (and lucrative) career.


Whether you’re in it for the money or doing to for the love, online writers who specialize in stating their opinions and giving useful information about certain topics can make a living as freelancers or full-time employees. As newspaper reporters lose their positions, bloggers are finding more opportunities for online journalism and if this interests you, have a look at the blogger jobs available in the UK.

Green Funeral Directors

Green Funeral Directors incorporate environmentally friendly options in order to meet the needs of families who want a green service. They use sustainable biodegradable clothing, shroud or casket and include locally grown organic flowers and food. It’s supposed to be a great opening for an individual who is green-minded in all aspects of their work.

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