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Leadership for Sustainability: 5th EuroCharity Yearbook Update

The forthcoming EuroCharity Yearbook on "Leadership for Sustainability" is rapidly gaining momentum. The 5th EuroCharity Yearbook is a highly-respected, international multi-stakeholder album with a global audience of key stakeholders and distribution in over 50 countries. This timely, English-language Yearbook will be published in June this year, just in time for the Rio+20 Summit.
EuroCharity is expecting a total of 40 guest authors (leading CEOs, top policy makers and world-renown experts) and 25 participating corporations (sustainability leaders in their line(s) of business) from around the world to confirm their space in the new EuroCharity Yearbook.
Some of the confirmed international guest authors to date (EuroCharity is anticipating to be receiving more confirmations in the next few days), include, in alphabetical order:
  • Center for Leadership in Sustainability (CLS) (United States):
    The Center for Leadership in Sustainability is a registered non-profit organisation managing a diverse range of projects, including the Sustainable Leadership Forum, the Sustainable Business Incubator, and the Sustainable Haiti Coalition.
  • European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) (Belgium):
    Founded in 1987 as a non-profit association, EBEN is a cross-national network dedicated to the promotion of business ethics, broadly defined, in academia, business, public sector and civil society.
  • Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative Foundation (GRLI) (Belgium):
    GRLI's vision is a worldwide network of companies and learning institutions characterised by vast action and thorough exchange of learning. GRLI's mission is to "develop a next generation of responsible leaders" through collective and individual actions.
  • Great Place to Work® Institute (United States):
    The Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research, consulting and training firm that identifies, creates and sustains great workplaces by developing high-trust workplace cultures.
  • Green Growth Leaders (GGL) (Denmark):
    GGL is a global alliance of cities, regions, countries and corporations, sharing a vision of building prosperous, green economies and communities -- and a better tomorrow for their citizens. GGL represents the world's leading green growth economies and is fronted by a council.
  • Institute for Sustainable Leadership (ISL) (Australia):
    ISL identifies and promotes the principles of sustainable leadership. These principles are derived from observations in successful firms and consistent with published research. ISL views sustainable leadership as being far broader than the "triple bottom line", and leadership as systemic, going beyond the deeds of heroic individuals.
  • Leaders for Economic Change programme (The Netherlands):
    The Leaders for Economic Change programme has been developed by CREM B.V. together with Amsterdam Bright City (a joint initiative of VU University Amsterdam and ABN AMRO Bank) and the University Student Council of the VU University. Participants are presented with an intensive teaching and training programme, focusing on learning, understanding, interaction and experience. Leaders of today, including Prof. Dr. Herman Wijffels, share their vision, inspiration and passion and hand on the torch to the participants.
  • Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) (United Kingdom):
    LEAD equips emerging leaders from around the world with skills for sustainable decision-making and provides them with a network of their peers to help them address sustainability challenges.
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya Foundation (India):
    Dr. David Prasad Shetty, a leading cardiologist and Indian philanthropist, strives to make sophisticated healthcare available to all, regardless of their economic situation or geographic location. He founded the Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital (NH) in Bangalore in 2001 and previously co-founded the Asia Heart Foundation (AHF).
  • PwC Center for Corporate Responsibility, Graduate School of Management (Russia):
    The Center was established in 2008 as a successor to the Program of the Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Institute of Management Research at SPbSU (Saint Petersburg State University).
  • The Sustainable Leadership Forum (United States):
    The Sustainable Leadership Forum is a network of leaders; a vehicle for dialogue and conversation; and an instrument for collaboration. Its mission is "to deepen our awareness and understanding of the challenges facing the world and the development of creative and enduring solutions, and to support the leaders of the emerging sustainability revolution."
In addition to the above-mentioned organisations, leading sustainability-driven multinationals, innovative SMEs, visionary CEOs and best practices from around the world will be presented in this year’s prestigious, global EuroCharity Yearbook, which for the first time will be certified as a "carbon-neutral publication".
Expression of Interest: (Year)book your place among Sustainability Leaders world-wide!
To be able to secure your CEO's message, corporate profile, best practice or article in the EuroCharity Yearbook entitled "Leadership for Sustainability," please contact us at (the deadline for expressions of interest has been extended to February 20, 2012). Following your expression of interest, your material (text and images) for the 160-page Yearbook may be submitted to us in early March.
For further information and/or clarifications, please contact EuroCharity on +30 210 927 1110 or visit
About the 5th EuroCharity Yearbook
Now in its fifth year, the EuroCharity Yearbook aims at highlighting critical issues and helping galvanise public opinion into positive action. EuroCharity chose this year's theme, "Leadership for Sustainability," because leadership, more than ever, is needed to create a more just, sustainable, economically viable and thriving world. In challenging times such as these, where the world is changing, and changing fast, leadership for sustainability cannot be considered a "luxury" but a necessity. Each sector of the global economy and each corporation and organisation, regardless of its size or geographic reach, needs to provide for the next generations to come.
The 5th EuroCharity Yearbook will profile leading CEOs, corporations and organisations who/that are leading the way when it comes to sustainability. It will also provide a platform to leading decision-makers, visionary entrepreneurs, royal family members active in sustainability and leadership, Nobel Laureates, top university professors, gurus and other specialists to share their views and vision in this unique, 160-page international publication.
With a global distribution and readership, the "EuroCharity Yearbook 2011: Leadership for Sustainability" is an extremely timely and important international publication that will be published and publicly presented in June 2012. Further details of the official presentation date and precise venue will be announced in due course.
4th EuroCharity Yearbook testimonials -- "The Future of Responsible Investing"
"Very interesting body of work -- great to have so many high-profile people sharing their perspectives and particular interests."Bloomberg (EuroCharity Yearbook participant)
"I was impressed by the many big names that contributed to the book. This enhances the quality a lot and I'm glad the DJSI is in your book as well." -- Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), SAM (EuroCharity Yearbook participant)
"Many thanks for the copy of your book -- very impressive collection of articles! Much appreciated." -- United Nations (EuroCharity Yearbook participant)

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