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Frost & Sullivan Launches Green Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2012

Global warming
Global warming and a consciousness to preserve the eco system have made ‘Sustainable Development’ a key focus area for governments and companies. Carbon emissions per capita are lower for India compared to many other countries but in absolute numbers, we are among the largest carbon emitters in the world. Economic growth will further increase these numbers and there will be tremendous pressure on us in the future to reduce our carbon footprint.
The focus to reduce global warming could be a great challenge for companies that have large carbon footprints. Sustainability issues will also affect the market competitiveness for companies as the demand for “Green Products and technologies” is increasing and companies that are the front-runners will have the first mover advantage. Companies with green products and processes may get additional incentives as the pressure on reducing carbon footprints increases. While there are many challenges to overcome, there are many opportunities for Indian companies in the field of Green Technologies.

Supporting this view, Frost & Sullivan brings to you its “Green Manufacturing Excellence Awards” and “Green Manufacturing Summit”. These awards have been instituted to “Assist companies in adoption of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices through a healthy benchmarking process.” The Awards recognize and reward companies that have demonstrated effective deployment of Green Manufacturing Practices in their organizations. The summit is a platform for companies to display their best practices, mutual learning and accelerate their “Green Journey.” The Focus of this initiative is to encourage adoption of green objectives, and at the same time catalyze commencement of measurement and reporting of key reportable Green Matrices.

According to Nitin Kalothia, Deputy Director, Manufacturing & Process Consulting Practice, Frost & Sullivan, South Asia & Middle East, “For companies that are unsure of adapting sustainable manufacturing practices, policy and compliance requirements will ensure that this change is eventually effected. For those voluntarily imbibing the "green" culture, the process itself is proving to be a source of competitive advantage!”

Frost & Sullivan’s Green Manufacturing Excellence Model is built on 11 parameters of evaluation. Energy, Water, Materials, Waste, Effluents, Emission, Product and Services, and Bio-diversity, Green Procurement, Occupational Health and Safety and Society are the evaluation parameters. The assessment will evaluate initiatives taken and results achieved by organizations towards Reduce, Reuse and Recycling of Materials, Water, Energy, Emissions, Effluents, Waste and Products and Services. The assessment will also understand the efforts made by organizations towards study and understanding of Bio-diversity, impact on society and its conservation. Initiatives towards creating a Green Supply chain and its success will be evaluated. The model is built on a total of 1300 points and each parameter has a different weightage based on its importance.

There are three categories of participation based on the sales turnover of the manufacturing site. Highest scoring facilities will be recognized with the Super Achievers Award. Among the three categories, facilities will be recognized as Leaders, Challengers and Aspirants, based on their performance across all the stages of the assessment process. Certificates of Merit will be given to all the companies qualifying in any of the three bands of recognition.

The 2012 Green Manufacturing Summit and Green Manufacturing Excellence Awards is scheduled for April 27, 2012 in Mumbai. The last date for receipt of application forms is December 10, 2011.
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