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Ricoh launches 100% sustainable ‘eco-board’ advert in London

Office equipment company Ricoh has launched its first UK eco billboard in Europe, powered by wind and solar power.
The advert is on the M4, between London and Heathrow Airport, and is powered by 96 solar panels and 5 wind turbines.
This is the first fully sustainable advert in Europe, which illuminates only after enough energy has been collected to allow it to do so.
Steve Saito, chairman and CEO of Ricoh Europe said:
"Our ethos is to go beyond simply meeting regulatory requirements relating to sustainability by proactively promoting environmentally responsible practices in our own business and for our customers.
“The launch of the eco-board takes us one step further by reminding wider public audiences to act in a sustainable way and think beyond the obvious when it comes to protecting natural resources.”
The company has previously introduced a similar billboard in Times Square, New York.

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