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From Farmer to Farmer - UK to Africa

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UK farmersa and smallholders with a passion for sustainable growing have a unique chance to share knowledge and experiences with fellow African farmers this Spring in an innovative project run by development charity Send a Cow.
Grow it Global, the charity’s farming and education project, provides a rare insight into how successful sustainable farming is, in one of the toughest climates in the world.

Farms across the South West and Midlands will be hosting African farmers who have been helped by Send a Cow’s innovative agricultural training projects, and who are now self reliant. Together, the farmers and their African counterparts will build African gardens to showcase the growing techniques that are transforming lives right across Africa. Thousands of local schoolchildren will visit the farms to meet the farmers and learn about global issues such as climate change, food production and sustainability.
Send a Cow hopes that the UK and African farmers taking part in Grow it Global, will benefit from sharing their own experiences, struggles and achievements and each recognise the joint role they have to play.
Gerald Osborne, a Wiltshire farmer who has travelled to Uganda to meet Send a Cow farmers said: “Farmers all over the world have a vital role in feeding its increasing population. At Send a Cow we have seen time and again how training in sustainable farming techniques can help African smallholder farmers increase yields by up to fivefold. It is very exciting to be able to bring some of these farmers here to British farms so that we can learn from each other and children from our schools can learn about farming here and in Africa.”
Grow it Global is project supported by UK Aid from DFID and sees African farmers from Uganda sharing their practical knowledge and talking first hand about how their lives have been transformed though working with Send a Cow.
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