Communication for Sustainable Development

Would you be a leader in sustainability?

By joining Leading for sustainability you will learn key leadership and sustainability tools including Theory U and Systems Thinking. You will also graduate as a Lead Fellow and be a part of a global network and community of 2500+ sustainability leaders, all from a diverse selection of sectors and regions from around the world.

Lead is a non-profit organisation dedicated to building leadership capacity for sustainable development. Over the past 20 years, they have trained more than 2,500+ leaders (Lead Fellows) across 90 countries.

At the core of their mission is the belief that people are the key to change and that the complexities of sustainable development can only be tackled by investing in leaders, to preserve and protect the future of our planet.

Carole Therrien, former Lead Fellow and newly appointed Chair of the Lead International Board outlined her vision for the future of the organisation:

"We will be successful if we can support, connect and unleash the Fellows. The original big idea of Lead, that the world needs leaders for a sustainable world is as necessary as ever".

While CEO Williams Johnson echo's Carole's 'Fellow Centric' strategic vision during his keynote presentation at the recent Lead gathering in South Africa:

"Decisive action on climate change will require us to recognise our inter-dependency; no country, sector or leader can meet these challenges alone. That's why Lead is a network. From today, you are not alone you have now 2500+ brothers and sisters spread across 90 countries willing to help you in your journey".

One of the key highlights of the programme is the Lead Challenge, a 5 day experiential module based in Portugal. This year's Lead challenge is about creating sustainable livelihoods in a rural context as a response to a country facing economic turmoil, thus challenging the idea that the future of sustainability lies only in the development of cities.

To discover more about joining Leading for sustainability this year please contact project manager Monika Mackenzie at to discuss in more detail. Alternatively find out more information on their website:

The deadline for joining this year’s Leading for sustainability programme this year is on the 21 July. 

"I joined this programme because I wanted to deepen my understanding of myself and what was driving me to work in sustainability. What I liked most was the great care and support for personal development – the personal relationships and the diversity of techniques for bringing these out and nurturing them." Catherine Langabeer, Former Deputy Director and Director of Arts at Julie's Bicycle


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