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The Future of Growth – Economic Values and the Media

"The Future of Growth – Economic Values and the Media" is the issue of the sixth Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum from 17-19 June 2013 at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB).
The world economy faces enormous challenges. Pressed to deal with climate change and scarce resources, it must also respond to growing social, political and cultural tensions.
As billions of people vie for lives in dignity on a shared planet, the debate on global regulatory and structural policies is swelling. The recent financial crisis has brought transparency and stakeholder accountability into sharper public focus.

The economic progress of many newly industrialized countries and increased South-South cooperation are weaving a new global economic fabric, opening up a wealth of opportunities. Concepts such as energy turnaround, green economies, social justice and environmental responsibility are driving the debate about the economic future. Sustainable climate protection is seen as key to economic viability and prosperity.

Sustainable economic development and the role of growth have long been sociopolitical issues in which the media play an important role. On the one hand they are to deliver information and knowledge to broadly educate and sensitize the general public. On the other hand, they are expected to be watchdogs, spotlighting problems and holding those responsible accountable for their actions. How can the media meet those expectations? The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum will provide the setting to develop interdisciplinary approaches to building an economy fit for the future.

Experts from the fields of politics, business, finance, culture, academia, civil society and the media will jointly explore fundamental concerns, such as: What opportunities are presented by new economic values? Is growth imperative to increasing prosperity? How can the media help to raise awareness of sustainable consumption and responsible use of resources? How can fair competition be assured at local, regional, national and international levels? Can interaction between stakeholders be improved? What potential do digital media have to inspire interactive participation in the economic dialogue, especially among younger generations?

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