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Sustainability - 22 March 2012 - International Water Day

Professionals across the globe who deal with water issues, land management and hydraulic infrastructure are encouraged to participate in an online international symposium on World Water Day, Thursday, 22 March 2012.
The online forum on major water landscape issues is being held by Horticulture, Landscape & Environment Research Unit of Higher School of Agronomical Sciences of Chott Meriem, IRESA, Sousse University - Tunisia and Waterwheel, an online platform dedicated to water.

The meetings will connect live more than 50 scientists, professionals and artists from five continents. This event aims to foster research, profession and arts relationships and open up partnerships between universities and society in the field of water and land management.

Professor Jean-Paul Laborie (Fr) and Victoria Vesna (Co-Director of UCLA Nanosystems Centre, USA), will be amongst participants from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman Sultanate, Portugal, Saoudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, United Kingdom and USA.

To view the Symposium LIVE ONLINE, open your browser and go to and click the top-most Symposium link. If the TAP EVENT is still yet to begin, please reload the page after the designated time. On the top right, chose to type a username or stay anonymous, and click "ENTER".
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