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Gas exports to Europe, a sustainable plan

Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Javad Owji said Sunday that Iran’s gas exports to Europe is sustainable and enjoys a secure future. Speaking to reporters, Owji outlined the gas pipeline agreement on transferring Iran’s gas to Iraq and Syria then to Lebanon and Europe. He said once the transfer is done Syria will purchase 20 to 25 million cubic meters of Iran’s gas on a daily basis.

Due to Europe’s demand for energy, Turkish officials have now given permission to 300 billion cubic meters of Iran’s gas per day to be exported through their country to Europe, said Owji. He further added this issue has made the West sanctions on the Islamic Republic ineffective.

According to the official, Iran produces 600 million cubic meters of gas per day, 37 million cubic meters of which are exported. By launching South Pars Gas Fields in future, the Islamic Republic will be capable of daily producing 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas and exporting 200 to 250 million cubic meters of it to world states.


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