Communication for Sustainable Development

64th Annual DPI/NGO Conference, Theme: Sustainable Societies, Responsive Citizens, DPI

This conference will focus on contribute to the two-day special session of the General Assembly on the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers in December 2011 and begin preparations for input into the 2012 conference on sustainable development known as Rio +20

Roundtable I
Shaping Sustainable Lifestyles and Livelihoods:
Sustainable Consumption and Production Aspects of a Globalizing World

Roundtable II
Green Economy and Poverty Eradication:
Climate justice as a bridge to a new global Economic Paradigm

Roundtable III
Role of Civil Society in a Fast-changing World:
Civic Engagement and Voluntary Action for Achieving Sustainability

Roundtable IV
Sustainable Development Governance Issues from Local to Global:
The Role of Citizen Participation More Information

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