Communication for Sustainable Development

Sustainable development has been identified as the #1 idea for the next hundred years by Time magazine.

Sustainable development has been identified as the #1 idea for the next hundred years by Time magazine. SLDI is now developing and delivering practical solutions to some of the most important social, environmental and economic issues we face today. Sustainable development starts with our global infrastructure. If it is unsustainable, ultimately nothing else can be. The products and services SLDI is ramping up to deliver include distributed clean energy technology, green building technology, ecosystem restoration and carbon sequestration technology, soil enhancement technology, water purification and retention technology, sustainable land development best practices systems, consulting services, certification programs, market feasibility reporting technologies, project management technologies, and others. What’s more, SLDI already owns the land development industry’s leading comprehensive outreach magazines, newsletters and educational events.

At SLDI, we understand the distrust between many industry professionals, as well as from the public at large. Our intent is to deliver the highest levels of transparency, so people from all perspectives can understand our motivations and philosophies as thoroughly as possible. As such, we will likely provide much more information than most will review, but we believe it's far better to err on the side of disclosure.

Our SLDI mission and "sustainable land development definition" at the top of our home page is the place to start. It indicates the uniquely holistic and comprehensive perspective from which we operate. This holistic perspective is absolutely essential  to overcome the misunderstandings of the past, and to align seemingly divergent interests toward a common vision that enables all to achieve their objectives in the future.
From there, I encourage you to give the following foundational reference articles, and the new SLDI introductory strategic plan PowerPoint video presentation below your most serious attention.
If you and/or your organization are seeking opportunity to achieve a more sustainable future with a strategically positioned global market-maker, then we are looking to cooperate and partner with you and your organization. We are now seeking strategic partnerships with industry-related first-movers to transform the way we do business – and to deliver on the promise of providing lasting value for our civilization.

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