Communication for Sustainable Development

We'll 2013

15th   to  16th May 2013, 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

Given the fact that demand for food will only increase, the agricultural sector is facing challenges as well as opportunities. It is a huge responsibility to make the right decisions and to determine the right strategy, in order to make it possible to feed nine billion people in both a sustainable and animal friendly way by 2050.
By joining forces we aim for the symposium to become a kind of flywheel. Generating momentum and a clear direction to maximise the benefits of the agricultural sector, for mankind, for animals and for the environment. The collaboration of this platform is a promise to the agricultural industry. we'll make steps forward and we'll offer a catalyst for change. we'll listen, we'll challenge and we'll connect.


Old canals, beautiful culture, wonderful nature and a modern society are waiting for you in the city of Den Bosch, in the south of Holland. Much of the original medieval structure of Den Bosch is still intact today. Visit St. Jan's Cathedral, which is the pride of the city. Take a boat trip underneath the city or a cycle tour along the fortifications. Besides these authentic atmosphere, Den Bosch is famous for its vibrant events like Boulevard Theatre Festival, Jazz in Duke Town and many other cultural events.  Visit one of the little bistro's along the Korte Putstraat in Den Bosch or discover trendy bars in the secret, little streets. Come and visit Holland's most hospitable city of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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