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O2's Think Big plan

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O2's three year sustainability plan promises to deliver up to 4 million tonnes of carbon savings and equip one million young people with skills.

The Think Big Blueprint has three key goals and 40 individual commitments:

• Think Big for planet – a commitment aiming to deliver carbon reductions for customers that are ten times greater than the impact of O2's network.

• Think Big for customers – an undertaking to help ten million people live in easier and more sustainable ways through O2's products and services.

• Think Big for people – a pledge to help one million young people to develop skills for life and lead community projects across the UK.
Think Big for planet

Energy and operations

• Halve the emissions from O2's network by 2015, relative to data traffic.

• Procure 100% renewable energy for all sites where we control the energy bill.

• Have at least one carbon neutral site, achieved through renewable on site generation.

• Reduce absolute carbon emissions in offices and retail stores by 25%.

• Use 25% less water in offices and switch sites.

Supply chain

• Take sustainability into account in every major purchasing decision.

• Have asked all major suppliers to set up programmes to cut their environmental impact and to increase their contribution to society, including the setting up of community programmes.

• Lead the industry to clean up substances of concern, delivering minimum sourcing standards and deadlines for the elimination of unacceptable substances.

• Put in place processes to get more SMEs and social enterprises into the supply chain.

• Have launched a Supplier Forum to promote sustainability innovation and best practices in the supply chain.

• Have enhanced ethical trading by strengthening assessment of our suppliers' management of corporate responsibility in their own supply chain.

• Have audited all high-risk suppliers against O2's Responsible Supply Chain Policy.

• Work with suppliers to get more young people into work in the UK.

Less waste

• Have significantly reduced packaging and operating instructions for all the mobile phones sold.

• Adopt a zero-plastic bag policy and reduce the volume of paper used in receipts by 50%.

• Send no waste from offices and retail stores to landfill by 2015 (where facilities exist).

Mobile phones

• No longer offer a new charger as standard with a new phone.

• Be the UK network that champions making mobile phones last longer, by:

• Promoting Simplicity (SIM-only tariff)

• Encouraging software updates

• Reducing customer returns rates

• Be recycling more phones through O2 Recycle and actively promote the use of refurbished phones

• Make sure that the sustainability performance of the phones never drops, as measured though O2's Eco rating score.

Culture and engagement

• Have established individual sustainability responsibilities within all O2 employees' roles and link to reward and recognition programme.

• Make sure all new starters get information on 02'ssustainability strategy when they arrive.

• Further incentivise involvement in sustainability volunteering through an associated qualification.
Thing Big for customers

Customer energy

• Have helped over 350,000 UK households save money and over 300,000 tonnes of carbon in the home.

• Have helped install 10,000 UK electric car charging points and help users locate and use them.


• Have helped 500,000 drivers save 1.5 billion litres of fuel and 3.35 million tonnes of CO2 by helping them drive more efficiently and more safety.

Flexible working

• Have helped 125,000 business people work flexibly, cutting 500 million travel miles and 160,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Health and wellbeing

• Have given 100,000 customers the tools and information to look after their health and wellbeing better.

• Have saved the NHS one million hours of health care staff time, £50 million, and 100,000 tonnes of carbon through O2 Health services like digital pens and Side by Side.

• Have helped 400,000 vulnerable or older people in the UK to enjoy more independent, safer lives through our digital services. Our telehealth services will have improved the quality of life of a significant number of people in the UK with chronic health conditions.

Digital inclusion

Continue to open up services to all with a focus on:

• Helping older people access mobile services and get online

• Improving our service for people with disabilities.

• Training our employees to talk to all our customers confidently on this issue

• Promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the world of work through the launch of the Telefónica Ability Awards in the UK.

Child safety

• Support the objectives of the CEO Coalition, a voluntary European Union initiative to make the Internet a better place for children.

Finance and shopping

• Help young people get to grips with budgeting, money management and financial basics

• Look for partners who could provide a choice of sustainable offers which will help customers

save money and do their bit for the planet
Think Big for people

Think Big youth programme

• Use Priority Moments, O2's location-based offers service, to connect volunteers to local community initiatives and social action programmes.

• Back 5,000 young people to lead community projects across the UK.

• Improve the lives of over 600,000 young people through the development of local community initiatives, inspired and led by young people.

• Deliver 2 million extra secondary school lessons through O2 Learn.

• Support 4,000 young people to gain work skills and experience to help them get a job or start an enterprise, and through apprenticeships, support young people to get into work through training on the job.

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