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Clean sustainable logistics a necessity, say experts

Logistics, customs and corporate supply chain experts attending the closing ceremony of the 2nd Annual Global Logistics Forum held at Park Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi recently, have unanimously agreed on the importance of employing sustainable and green practices in logistics operations throughout the region.

The conference, which took place last Wednesday, also highlighted the importance of encouraging governments to pass regulations that would persuade businesses to build sustainable practices into their operations.

According to Dr. Frank Straube, managing director, TU Berlin Chair of Logistics, and member of German Logistics Association (BVL), logistics companies might still find difficulties in implementing sustainable practices as there are no set standards on how to apply them.

He explained that to limit global warming to 2°C, until 2020, CO2 reductions of 30 per cent will be necessary and unfortunately, although many companies are aware of the negative impact their unsustainable practices have on the environment, they have failed to demonstrate their social responsibility and commence integrating environmentally friendly technologies into their operations.

“Human morality won’t solve the problem of global warming, so governments have started issuing regulations and laws that will prevent any further increase of CO2 emissions in certain industries”, said Dr. Straube.

“It is now our international responsibility to assess our methods and try to reduce the carbon footprint of the logistics industry within the region, and perhaps one method to achieve the desired result is to encourage governments to re-evaluate how wealth is measured and find a correlation between GDP and CO2 emissions”, he concluded.

The three-day forum also featured several interactive panel sessions and two workshops on improving regulation standards to foster growth in logistics and affirm the UAE’s position as a competitive player in global logistics, in addition to building sustainability into logistics operations.

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