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Try making a sustainable economy without steel

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That was the clear message that came out of last week’s meeting of the AWU leadership called to discuss carbon pricing.
The Australian Workers' Union is proud of its track record in preserving good steel jobs - and we're not going to support a carbon tax that costs even one steel job. 
“ Try making a sustainable economy without steel – that’s what we’re telling politicians as the debate over carbon pricing continues," Paul Howes, AWU National Secretary, said

Steel should be part of the solution - not seen as a problem

“. We need steel to help create the new carbon-neutral economy . You can’t create wind energy without steel
" Our members are rightly proud of their jobs. They want to be part of the solution – not seen as part of the problem.

“ If you shut down Australian steel plants jobs will go offshore to places where transparency, corruption and clean energy standards ensure we'll have a dirtier world.

Carbon price will happen in Australia and across the globe

“A carbon price will happen in Australia and across the globe – we’ve got to be realistic and recognise that is happening,” Paul Howes, AWU National Secretary said.

“But our members voices need to be heard loud and clear in Canberra during this debate.

“That’s why we’re talking directly to our members about carbon pricing and how we face the challenges ahead of us.”

Distributing Steelworkers newsletter in workplaces: No unions jobs should be sacrificed

The AWU has begun distributing this Steelworkers newsletter in workplaces across the country.

“This is a global challenge – but we’re not prepared to allow good Australian union jobs to be sacrificed,” Mr Howes said.

Union will fight hard to protect steel jobs - as we've always done

“Canberra knows that the transition to a low-carbon future must not threaten jobs.

“We have faced challenges in the steel industry before. The union has fought hard to protect steel jobs in the past, and won, but it was never a cakewalk.

“The AWU will fight and win in 2011 because as a union we are Stronger Together.”
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