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Agrion Energy summit and Sustainability meeting

Agrion Energy & Sustainability Summit in New York on February 19 & 20 2013.
Agrion is a global business network for energy, cleantech and corporate sustainability launched in 2007. With offices in San Francisco, New York, Frankfurt, Paris, and Beijing, and an international community of more than 200,000 industry professionals, AGRION provides a platform for members to connect, exchange ideas, and identify business opportunities.
Each office hosts weekly onsite and online conferences to facilitate face-to-face networking and online collaboration with industry leaders. Agrion hosts international conventions in Europe, China and the US, and its website contains updated information and reports about the energy markets and sustainability best practices.
Agrion also launches, manages and supports ventures and projects in renewable energies, smart grid, EVS, energy efficiency and sustainability.
Task Forces

A Task Force is a group of members, especially user companies or large corporations, that focuses on one specific topic in which their company is involved.

Each Task Force comprises of:

• A series of meetings held at each Agrion location (San Francisco, New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Beijing and Sao Paulo)
• An official state-of-the-art report, based on approximately 80 interviews with managers from user companies, describing the current status of the market and presenting buyers needs and state of mind. The report will be presented to the public and to the media during a conference organized in each country.
The current Task Forces are:
• Solar Energy
• Wind Energy
• Bio Energies
• Smart Cities Strategy & Leadership
• Mobility & Electric Vehicles
• Green Building
• Energy Storage
• Smart Grid & Microgrids
• Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
• Energy Efficiency in Facilities
• Energy Sourcing (Production & Trading)
• Corporate Sustainability Strategy & Leadership
• Supply Chain
• Ecodesign & LCA
• Data, ESG & Reporting
• Marketing & Communication
• Socially Responsible Investing
All AGRION Task Forces are global.

The CSO Program
Agrion assembles the Chief Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Officers from the largest corporations in the world in order to:
• Share best practices and work on regulatory issues
• Contribute to concrete sustainability projects dedicated to consumers
and media.


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